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Speaking Of Vin Diesel...

No need for the "milk carton" alert Invincible Woman! I found where the Diesel has been hiding for the past year or so... in Babylon, A.D.!

Yup, that's the title of his next film which is said to have wrapped production, and is scheduled for release later this year. It's labeled as a futuristic/sci-fi/action movie. The Diesel stars as a mercenary hired to deliver a package from the ravages of post-apocalyptic Eastern Europe to a destination in the megalopolis known as New York City. The "package" is a mysterious young woman with a secret.

It co-stars Michelle Yeoh and will hit theatres in late August. I haven't seen any real trailer for it... just a few teasers that don't give away much. I'm surprised about how quietly the project came to fruition. I knew absolutely nothing about it, until now anyway.

Here's the poster that's been promoted in parts of Europe. The director is Frenchman Mathieu Kassovitz best known for his critically acclaimed 1995 success, La Haine (a film I strongly recommend). You can check out the teaser trailer at the film's website -



  1. said...

    I'm glad he has an upcoming project.

  2. The Obenson Report said...

    Let's just hope it's not XXX part 3 or Chronicles of Riddick part 4.

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