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Saturday Links - Idris, LL, Disney, "Sex," China, Africa, Paris...

Not much happening to report on this lovely Saturday morning in New York City... here's a few bites I dug up during my morning virtual stroll:

- "Elba leans forward, and, so close I can feel his breath tickling my cheek, says: "Let's talk about the elephant in the room. There are only so many roles for black actors in England. People get all excited" - puffing out his chest he adopts a hysterical voice - 'That's racist,' they say. It's not racist."" -
One reporter snags an intimate moment with Idris Elba - in The Rise of a Hollywood Hunk.

- And speaking of Hollywood hunks...
LL Cool J Teams with Sears for Clothing Line - We may just have to start calling him LL Couture J (nyuck, nyuck, nyuck). Watch your back Puffy...

Disney's CEO Robert Iger Says Hollywood Produces Too Many Movies - No kidding! A moment of clarity for one executive perhaps?

- "So the double standard rears its ugly head and the rules for success get changed again. Why is it so hard to accept that a film for women could be successful?" - Melissa Silverstein over at the Women & Hollywood blog laments on the lack of media respect for the Sex and the City movie despite its $20 million opening day.

- The current issue of Fast Company Magazine contains an extensive 6-part piece on China's "invasion" of Africa. It's worth a read regardless of your stance and how much you know, so check it out -
Special Report: China In Africa.

- And finally, in honor of this weekend's MTV Movie Awards... put this one under the "Ouch - Was That Really Necessary" file! The fact that she was present makes it even more difficult to watch. For the first time, I can actually say I felt a modicum of pity for Paris Hilton. From last fall's MTV movie awards... Have a look:


  1. Albertine said...

    "LL Couture J" lol! But he's always shirtless so I'll have to assume his clothing line will be primarily shorts and slacks based. lol!

    The China in Africa article was long and informative. Thx for sharing it. I have so many thoughts but I'll wait to think about everything before speaking.

    And yes "Ouch" at Paris Hilton. That was cold. I never liked Sarah Silverman's humor anyway.

    By the way I just stumbled across your blog and after spending about an hour catching up on recent posts I am mos def hooked.

    I'll be back ;o)

  2. The Obenson Report said...

    Thanks for stopping by Albertine... Never was a Sarah Silverman fan either... but I did think that the "I'm F*cking Matt Damon" skit was hilarious... but maybe it was thanks mostly to the presence of the actual Matt Damon in the video and not necessarily Silverman's. Still, it was a funny idea.

    Come back often!

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