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It's News To Me...

I guess I'm one of the few people who just discovered that now sells grocery items!

I saw an ad on TV late last night, announcing that they've started delivery to the New York area. I visited the link provided in the advert, and noticed the word "beta" right next to the grocery logo towards the top of the page, meaning it's still a relatively new addition to their ever-growing offering of products.

From the little reading up I did, it appears the grocery section of the site was created in 2006, but has been slowly expanding its delivery presence since then. So, it still may not be available in all cities.

This is a site that started out selling just books... now you can get just about anything on Amazon. I won't be surprised if we soon hear of an Amazon dating service!

I suppose my excitment at this little piece of news is due to the fact that I shop at Amazon quite frequently for other items - mostly DVDs, and some smaller electronics. So, I'm really curious to see what they have to offer and how competitive their prices are. I just might utilize the service if I like what I see :o)

Click on the image link below to pick up some peanut butter and jelly to make your samiches, as well as some scrimps for grilling and frying. They've even got organic and gluten-free products for you "cleaner" consumers.


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