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I Am Become Death, The Destroyer Of Worlds

As if the 100,000+ killed by a cyclone in Myanmar wasn't heart-wrenching enough, 2 weeks later, another Asian territory is coping with tragedy and loss also caused by a naturally occuring disaster - this time an earthquake in China, with over 12,000 killed, and more than 18,000 still buried underneath the rubble, which means that the death toll could reach 30,000+ if those buried bodies aren't recovered alive. 26,000 are reported to be severely injured.

To have disasters as destructive as these two happen within close proximity in terms of physical space and time, is truly sublime!

What does it all mean, if anything at all? Surely those of us still standing are meant to learn something from this.

There really are no words sufficient... except maybe, always remember... It all ends eventually.



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