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Freaky Friday!

I remember when this came out in the mid-90s (I was in college then) and every black woman I knew (all 3 of them) was addicted like it was some kind of crack anthem! It was guaranteed to be on every single playlist at all the parties I went to that year (that 1 party). It was the theme song for many booty call "sessions" - it's just the right length too, at just over 4 minutes :o)

A song that was thought of as raunchy and provocative in its day now seems rather tame, compared to current trends. It still gets my head nodding though.

Whatever happened to her anyway...

Freak Like Me, by Adina Howard (1995)



  1. said...

    LOL - Adina Howard - our one hit wonder. That was a fun tune. LOL.

  2. The Obenson Report said...

    Yup, those were the days... 13 long years ago! I wonder if she's still looking for her "roughneck nigga" to satisfy her :o)

  3. said...

    LMAO - Tambay you make me laugh.

    I'm thinkin these days a check will do. LOL.

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