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At A Theater Near You - 4/25/07

Yup, it's yet another rather weak weekend at the movies... just check out the list below of films opening today, starting with the classic that will surely be Baby Mama.

Man, Iron Man is starting to look mighty appealing all of a sudden. When does that come out again? Oh yeah, next weekend... till then... so it goes. You could also simply bypass the entire list and instead spend the weekend improving your love life with Sure Romance below! Ha-ha!

Opening in Wide Release

Baby Mama - A successful single career woman finds she is unable to become pregnant and hires an unlikely surrogate to carry her child.

Deception - Hugh Jackman is a charismatic lawyer who introduces a mild- mannered accountant to an erotic world of underground sex clubs.

Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay - The stoner buddy duo returns, only to find themselves on the run from the government when they are mistaken as terrorists.

Opening in Selected Theaters

Deal - A retired poker legend takes on a hotshot card player as his protege, until a gorgeous Vegas call girl sours their relationship.

Rogue - An enormous man-eating crocodile terrorizes an American travel writer on-assignment in remote waters of the Australian Outback.

Roman de Gare - A popular writer seeks characters for her next best-seller, and as luck would have it, a serial killer has just escaped from prison.

Standard Operating Procedure - Documentary examining the unintended consequences of the Iraqi war with a focus on the shocking events at Abu Ghraib prison.

Then She Found Me - A woman's life is turned upside-down when her husband leaves, her adoptive mother dies and her birth mother re-enters her life.

Sure Romance is an herbal supplement formulated for women who are interested in increasing their libido and having a more satisfying sex life. A healthy sex life can be a vital part of your overall physical and emotional well being.


  1. Invisible Woman said...
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  2. Invisible Woman said...

    Rogue = WTF?

  3. said...


    Er, maybe you should go to the film festival after all.


  4. The Obenson Report said...

    @ IW - Guess you didn't go see it then, huh?

    @ TBA - I missed the festival screening I was supposed to go to. But the festival isn't over yet.

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