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Poll Results #1

Poll Results

I've been running a poll for the last month which ended last night. Here are the results...

The questions was: Are Hollywood's black elite obligated to foster overall change within the realm of black cinema, or should their only allegiance be to themselves and those close to them?

The choices were:

1. Yes, they definitely are obligated, and should act accordingly.
2. No, that's ridiculous - they are not at all obligated.
3. Well, it would be nice if they innately felt some obligation/responsibility, but I will not hold it against them for not doing so.

Of all the responses, 78% voted for #3, while the remaining 22% voted for #1. Absolutely no one chose #2, which I find quite revealing.

Be sure to vote on my next poll listed to the right, on this page. The question this time around is: Is there a necessity for a black funded, owned and operated film production and distribution studio - one whose core focus is to finance, produce and distribute films that tell the varied stories of people from all across the African Diaspora - completely independent of any already established entity, akin to the likes of the big 6 studios (Disney, Sony, Fox, Viacom, Universal, and Time Warner)? Go vote NOW!


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