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Goodbye Detective Green; Hello Anthony Anderson?

It's been a long time since I watched an episode of the original Law & Order series, or any of its offspring. I used to be such a fan of the show throughout the '90s, and even into the early 21st century. It's simple formula and style won me over, keeping me involved for all those years. But I eventually got my fill of the program and moved on. However I'm sure there'll be a few watery-eyed fans after the below piece of news goes wide.

From The Hollywood Reporter...

No more 'Order' for Martin

"Law & Order" veteran Jesse L. Martin is expected to leave the long-running NBC drama after nine years. Anthony Anderson is in final negotiations to come on board and fill the void left by Martin's departure. Anderson will play a new detective partnered with Jeremy Sisto's Cyrus Lupo. Martin will film one more episode of the Wolf Films/Universal Media Studios series, in which his character, Detective Ed Green, will be written off, sources said. The actor had signed on to do the first 13 episodes this season with an option for more. Martin... next is set to portray Marvin Gaye in the biopic "Sexual Healing," which is expected to begin production in late April or early May. "Law & Order" continues Anderson's streak of dramatic roles that includes FX's "The Shield," the Oscar-winning "The Departed" and, most recently, on Fox's gritty cop drama "K-Ville," for which he landed an Image Award nomination.

Yup, I too raised my eyebrows when I read that Anthony Anderson will be his replacement. But I realized that I actually haven't seen Anderson in much, except for bit parts here and there, so, I'm not really qualified to pre-assess just how successful (or unsuccessful) he might be in the role. The program is very much a revolving door of actors and actresses, but if he works out, Anderson could be guaranteed paid employment for a few years, in a show that's actually usually quite good.


  1. Ruth said...

    so is KVille been cancelled?

  2. The Obenson Report said...

    Yup, KVille is no more... it was another victim of the writer's strike, apparently.

  3. Darkside said...

    Oh no not him! I mean they should have gotten my man Blair Underwood for the part.

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