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Episode 35 - The Obenson Report on Black Film / Cinema

Episode 35 - The Obenson Report on Black Film / Cinema
Sponsored in part by ActNow Foundation

Recorded Monday, February 11 2008, 9PM
TRT 60 Minutes


- Filmmaker Dennis Dortch talks about his feature film, A GOOD DAY TO BE BLACK AND SEXY, a Sundance Film Festival selection, and an upcoming release from Magnolia Pictures.
- John Henrik Clark - A Great And Mighty Walk.
- St Claire Bourne tribute at the Museum of The Moving Image.
- Podcast going to once per month and other announcements.
- Tambay laments on the state of things.

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  1. Jeremiah Jahi said...

    Nice show on Monday. Mainly your rant. I found Mr. Dortch to be okay. I would have loved for him to be more revealing and specific about the Sundance experience, but I know that is hard to do in today's society without jeopardizing our financial future. I would really love to see filmmakers not put so much weight on Sundance. While it is a dynamite festival. I have to say that I have seen films that did not make it to Sundance and were awesome. Going to Sundance is awesome, but I have to say that it doesn't change the path of Black cinema. Not one film or one filmmaker. Ask the director of Chameleon Street. A body of work helps cinema about Black people not one filmmaker. Did Spike change the plight of cinema about Black people? No. Did Singeleton? Did Townsend? If you including helping us become more integrated then maybe so.

    Check out the new Ebony magazine with the article: Black In Hollywood: HAVE WE FINALLY ARRIVE?

    Lord Help Us!


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