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Tyler Perry Wants Us To "Meet The Browns," But I'm Not Sure I Want To

Tyler Perry strikes again! Next to Woody Allen, he's probably the most prolific filmmaker working today, pumping out 3 movies in the last 18 months.

His next, Meet The Browns, is scheduled for a March release, this year - a film about a single mother who takes her family to Georgia for the funeral of her father (a man she never met), and while there is introduced to her father's fun-loving, crass family, the Browns. The story is an adaptation of Perry's stage play "Meet the Browns."

It stars Angela Bassett in her first true starring role since 2002's TV production, The Rosa Parks Story, in which she plays the titular character. Tyler Perry (of course) will portray Madea in the film.

From the trailer, it looks just like any previous Tyler Perry effort - which can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on who you ask. I've seen two of his films (Diary of a Mad Black Woman and last year's Why Did I Get Married?, which I reviewed on my podcast several months ago), and I certainly wouldn't call myself a fan of his work, but I also won't knock the guy for his efforts either. He's got a loyal audience, and one could argue that his films have done more for black talent today (notably black actresses) than any other African American member of the Hollywood elite. He keeps them employed, without necessary having to peddle their dignity. Will I see Meet The Browns? Probably not! It's just not my cup of tea.

Here's the trailer:


  1. anf said...

    This going to be really over the top. Black Hallmark. Feel good.

    The man know's his market.

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