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Sundance Dispatch #1 - HBO Likes "The Black List"

As I've mentioned previously on my podcast, this year marks a record for the number of "black films" screening at the prestigious (although, questionably relevant) Sundance film festival, currently ongoing, in cold and snowy Park City, Utah. I'll be recapping the festival on the next episode of my podcast, next week Monday, the 28th. But I decided to post any relevant news that comes my way before then.

According to the good folks at Black Talent News, one of those "black films" playing at the festival, a documentary called The Black List, by photographer-filmmaker Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, starring former New York Times film critic Elvis Mitchell, was picked up for distribution by HBO.

The Black List interviews 20 contemporary African-American leaders and icons about their personal experiences and the larger societal repercussions of race. Interviewees range from Sean Combs and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to Chris Rock and Colin Powell. Terms of the deal were not announced.

An exhibit, book and other projects will accompany the film, with HBO executives saying the project could well include a second installment. No airdate has been set.

Sounds intriguing enough that I'll likely watch it whenever it airs on HBO, probably later on this year.


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