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Pop Quiz #2 - The Precedent Has Been Set!

Pop quiz hotshots: what do these 3 gentlemen have in common, that could be of some specific interest to a man like Barack Obama?

This is one situation in which Monsieur Obama can certainly hope that life will eventually imitate art :o)


  1. Lola Gets said...

    Um, they all have great speaking voices? Theyre all married to Black women?? They dabbled in politics before taking on the acting world???

    Im sorry man, I dont have any idea. But Id love to hear the answer!


  2. The Obenson Report said...

    You were on the right track with your third response. The Barack reference should have given this one away.

    All three of them have played American presidents in films or television programs. Dennis Haysbert in the TV show, 24; James Earl Jones in the 1972 film, The Man; Morgan Freeman in 1998's Deep Impact.

  3. Lola Gets said...

    Ah, ok, thanks for the info! To be honest, politics and entertainment arent really my thing, lol, so I dont know too much about them.


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