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Jeffrey Wright and Cedric The Entertainer In Period Piece

Jeffrey Wright and Cedric The Entertainer together in a period piece directed by one of the diminutive number of black female directors working today, Darnell Martin.

One is a thespian whose abilities, persona and career choices I champion (Wright); the other is most remembered for his roles as Cedric Jackie Robinson and Grandma Puddin' on the syndicated Steve Harvey Show.

Ok, so maybe Cedric has shown glimpses of some potentially real acting ability in a few screen moments here and there, but he still has yet to make up for the abomination that was Code Name - The Cleaner.

Maybe this will be his chance...

Adrien Brody and Jeffrey Wright will star in the Darnell Martin-directed biopic "Cadillac Records" for Sony BMG Film.

Brody will play Leonard Chess, the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer who started the Chicago blues label Chess Records and scoured the South, checking out the blues scenes and selling records from the back of his Cadillac.

Matt Dillon had been attached to play Chess but had to pass on the role because of a scheduling conflict.

Wright is set to play Muddy Waters in the period piece. Also newly cast in the film are Columbus Short, Cedric the Entertainer, Emmanuelle Chriqui and Tammy Blanchard.

Martin (Their Eyes Were Watching God) penned the script for the film, a tale of sex, violence, race and rock 'n' roll in 1950s Chicago that follows the turbulent lives of musical legends Waters, Chess, Little Walter, Howlin' Wolf and Elvis Presley. Filming starts in early March in New Jersey and Mississippi.


  1. Anonymous said...

    I have a bit of a crush on Jeffrey Wright...perhaps because he seems to be so quirky and most of the characters he plays. It will be interesting to see the result of his pairing with Cedric. We may be pleasantly surprised.

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