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Have You Heard The One About The Super Model And The Anti-Imperialist?

And who says 53 year old fun-loving, rotund, Bush-hating, socialist rulers of South American oil producing nations can't get hot chicks? :o)

According to the Venezuelan newspaper El Universal (as well as numerous gossip sites and fishwrap), model Naomi Campbell has been in a relationship with Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez for the past 2 months.

Naomi recently traveled to Caracas to interview Chavez for British GQ, and apparently the duo hit it off and have been involved since then, while carefully hiding their relationship.

Ok, ok... so normally I don't post shit like this, but I used to have a Naomi Campbell screensaver when I was in college some years back, and even reached for the Vaseline jar once or twice :o)

It's also worth noting that I've been seriously considering returning to my father's homeland, Cameroon, to start my own socialist party, overthrow the current dictator who has been in power for 25 years, and assume the position of president of the country. I wonder which super model will be charmed by my cumulative efforts after Cameroonian GQ sends over her to interview me.



  1. Baby Please said...

    Do the black ones pick black supermodels?

    Tee hee hee

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