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70 Years Later, Does the Hattie McDaniel Rule Still Apply? Has Much Changed For Black Actresses Today?

Episode 31 - The Obenson Report on Black Cinema
Sponsored in part by ActNow Foundation

Recorded January 14, 2008, 9PM to 10PM
TRT 60 Minutes


1. Does the Hattie McDaniel rule still apply? A glimpse into the lives and minds of today's Black actresses. Host Tambay A Obenson, along with the editor of The Black Actor Blogspot, in a virtual roundtable showcase, featuring actresses, Esosa Edosomwan, Nedra McClyde, Lisa Strum, and Leslie Jones, as they discussed various topics and answered questions in consideration of their lives as working African American actresses in the 21st century. Has anything changed almost 70 years since Hattie McDaniel's Oscar-winning "Mammy" role.

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