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BET... No... TVOne... No... TCM Does Charles Burnett!

If you're one of the few who have yet to see Charles Burnett's masterpiece, Killer Of Sheep, here's your golden opportunity to do so. Turner Classic Movies (TCM) will air 5 of Burnett's feature films on Monday, the 21st of January - MLK day.

In an utopian world, channels like TCM wouldn't wait until the holiday that honors the life and work of a slain civil rights leader, to show films like those by Burnett. But, I'm not complaining. At least, they're showing them - an opportunity that I would expect one of the black-owned channels (BET or TV-One) to have long seized.

Regardless, if you're one of the several million Americans with access to cable television, I urge you to turn your cable TV dial to TCM on Monday, the 21st, and immerse yourself in the kind of black cinema many of us long for.

Go to for all the specifics. The 5 films scheduled to air are: Killer of Sheep, The Horse, My Brother's Wedding, When It Rains, and Several Friends.

By the way, Killer Of Sheep is now available on DVD in a 2-disc commemorative set that includes Burnett's second most popular film, My Brother's Wedding, along with a host of other goodies. Head on over to AMAZON.COM and check it out!



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