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Episode 27 - The Obenson Report on Black Film / Cinema

Episode 27 - The Obenson Report on Black Film / Cinema
Sponsored in part by ActNow Foundation

Recorded Monday, December 3, 2007, 9PM
TRT 60 Minutes

- Tambay revisited his "Capable Tenth" funded black owned and operated film studio idea, detailing how we (black people) can realize real film industry independence. Listen to learn how YOU can help, and please join in the discussion!
- The "Capable Tenth" funded black film studio. Please ACT NOW and CONTRIBUTE WHATEVER YOU CAN. Go to to learn more.

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Tambay A Obenson




  1. Mark said...

    Good stuff, Tambay ... definitely needed and imminently practical. All it will take will be a concerted effort spearheaded by someone knowledgeable and with the gumption to make the move, despite the obvious hurdles that might arise - the usual suspects - against such a venture.

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