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A Beautiful Thing For The Man Who Couldn’t...

I make films but I also distribute films by others. Here's one that I just finally was able to get listed on, titled, THE MAN WHO COULDN'T.

You can read more about the film on the film's profile page HERE.

I should have a trailer up shortly.
But for now you can see one at:

This is the second film I've distributed... those of you familiar with the film distribution process will truly understand and appreciate this feat, given just how difficult it is for any film to make its way onto the shelves of any retailer, especially considering that I'm a one-man army here. So, I guess I'm patting myself on the back for being able to get 2 films out - MY OWN, and now this one - THE MAN WHO COULDN'T, written and directed by BRANDON WILSON

Please support true indie black cinema, especially film that's counter to the crumbs of shit that the studios dish out to us once every 3 months! Our survival depends greatly on you - those who we do what we do for.

Pick up THE MAN WHO COULDN'T and my film, BEAUTIFUL THINGS (which you can find info and clips for on my page) today!

You'll be glad you did!



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