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A BIG THANK YOU To All My Listeners!


Thanks to your ears, those of you who have been listening to my podcast, we've officially crossed the 1000 download mark of "The Obenson Report" podcast on black cinema.

It's nowhere near my "capable tenth" number (listen to EPISODE 8 if you don't know what I'm referring to), but it's certainly thrilling to know that people are listening! This is how movements begin and flourish, with a collective effort. In time, I'm sure that number will increase significantly, with your help of course!

So please keep listening, and, as always, I strongly encourage your participation, whether via email comments, or calling in live on the show.

And as with any other movement, bringing others into the fold, especially those with like minds, is necessary, so do spread the word, and our numbers will grow!

In the coming weeks, I will begin a focused, relentless campaign to make others aware of the podcast.

If you've missed any previous recordings, you can find all archived shows HERE, or open up iTunes on your computer, and search for "Obenson Report" in the podcast section.

Peace and prosperity to all!

How long, you ask? Not long, I say.

Tambay A Obenson


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